Gardening Group

The gardening group will take place weekly on a Thursday from 10:00am until 12:00pm Starting 7th March 2024. Meeting at The Pear Tree cabin, Saxmundham to have a drink and a chat to plan the day before digging in.

Members will get the chance to draw on the experience of staff that have an intricate knowledge of gardening and the joy and therapy it can bring. 

Gardening club members will also have the opportunity to work in the sensory garden that is situated at the back of the Pear Tree Café.


  • Starting a new hobby that members can keep up for the rest of their lives.
  • Learning new skills, improving fine motor skills through delicate procedures such as potting up seedlings and pruning.
  • Learning about plants and the natural world.
  • Valuing the plants and vegetables that we so often take for granted.
  • Self esteem, pride, achievement and responsibility through planning, planting and nurturing something from start to finish.
  • Having fun 
  • Meeting like minded people and making friends