Fishing 4 Everyone!

Fishing 4 Everyone -Brightwell - SAFE charity

Where and When

10:00am – 1:00pm and 1:30pm -4:30pm every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Brightwell Pond, Brightwell IP10 0AZ

Why use our service?

1. Get out in the Countryside and forget all your worries!

2. Enjoy learning a new skill.
3. Enjoy meeting new people and making friends – young and old.
4. The thrill of catching and releasing a big fish!
5. Learning about all the different fish, trees and wildlife.
6. Time to unwind and relax!

Fishing 4 Everyone GroupFishing 4 Everyone provides recreational fishing for the whole community,  including those with a profound disability, the elderly and the very young. It provides a venue where everyone can interact and participate in a common interest. Fishing provides nature-based recreation suited to people with disabilities- it also provides social, physiological and psychological benefits: “While disabled people may face more constraints than their more abled counterparts, motivators for fishing are the same for both groups” (Freudenberg and Arlinghaus 2009).

The level of physical activity in children and adolescents is declining at an alarming rate (Cleland, Timperio et al. 2009) resulting in what has been termed as a ‘physical inactivity epidemic‘ (as opposed to an obesity epidemic). There are many examples of increased sedentary behaviour in children, for example, it is estimated that one third of UK children aged 5 to12 years use electronic media such as television, computer and electronic games for more than two hours every day (Spinks, Macpherson et al. 2007; Wen, Kite et al. 2009). Another study revealed that 37% of children aged 10-12 years spent less than half an hour a day playing outside after school. The lack of physical activity and the replacement of outdoor play with electronic leisure place children at a greater risk for obesity and related adverse health effects. Increased social opportunities, parental encouragement and parental supervision are required to promote safe outdoor activity (including fishing) to children over 5 years old (Cleland, Timperio et al. 2009).

The physiological, psychological and social benefits that fishing provides are widely recognised, but are inherently difficult to quantify. As an outdoor pursuit that can be enjoyed throughout life, it is important that the fishing sector is recognised for its promotion of health and well-being. Specific benefits include: a positive impact on mental health; perceived well-being and prevention of chronic disease with reductions in health care burden. These and other factors need to be considered as part of the true value of this project.

What we offer

  • Fishing can be as simple or as complicated as the participant wants it to be- skills like tying knots and assembling tackle and rods can be broken down into easily achievable components. Tru-Care staff that provide support at Fishing 4 Everyone are all accomplished anglers with many years of experience.
  • Once S.A.F.E staff have assessed what level of experience and ability someone has they will be able to set appropriate achievable goals that can be recorded in the participants ‘fishing diary’. This can be filled in with support after every session to detail what has been learned and achieved and what their future goals may be. (Pictures and weights of fish, rigs and tactics can also be recorded here.)
  • More experienced participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge with others that are not so experienced, promoting independence and confidence with friendships also being forged through this practice.
  • Participants will be encouraged to set their own tackle up to the best of their ability, as they gain more experience confidence should grow. Identifying species of fish, fauna and wildlife will be encouraged and praised as participants learn to recognise different varieties which can be recorded in the fishing diary. Each diary contains an ‘eye spy’ reference which allows participants to tick off species indigenous to the surrounding woodland and the pond itself.
    The Pond holds good quantities of Tench and Rudd.
  • All Tru-Care staff have a minimum of Level 2 diplomas in Health and Social Care and they have moving and handling and first aid training. S.A.F.E staff working at the Fishing 4 Everyone venue have a high level of fishing experience and best practice and safety around the waters edge.
  • Fishing 4 Everyone aims to provide a venue for all ages and abilities to meet and share the experience of fishing. Everyone has the same goal– to catch some fish! Through sharing this common aim participants have something in common before they meet somebody providing a good place to start social interaction and ultimately make new friends.
  • Participants at Fishing 4 Everyone will have a choice of which S.A.F.E staff they work with, there will be both male and female staff if someone has preference.
  • By accessing Fishing 4 Everyone participants are given the opportunity to meet others in the community that they otherwise may never know. By building bridges the local community is brought together and people are able to dispel ill-informed opinions they may have had in the past.
  • Participants of Fishing 4 Everyone will get the opportunity to volunteer in working parties that will be involved with the general up keep and conservation of the pond and the surrounding banks and picnic areas. The working parties will also get involved in fish stocking and health checks. Working parties will comprise of participants, volunteers from the local community and local conservation groups such as the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.
  • We offer support in all of the most popular fishing techniques and methods, from float fishing and ledger fishing to fly fishing and stalking. Participants will have access to the main pond but there is the opportunity to fly fish on mill river that runs straight past the venue. The river holds wild brown trout that are in abundance during the summer months.
  • The fishing pontoons on the main pond have been especially built and designed to cater for wheel chair users. The largest of the pontoons is equipped with a gazebo that will provide shelter when the weather is poor. There are disabled toilets on site and a purpose built club house that provides kitchen facilities and seating area if the weather is particularly bad. All areas and facilities are wheelchair accessible.
  • The club house is open to any participant at Fishing 4 Everyone at any time even if they do not feel in the mood for fishing for whatever reason. There are a range of indoor activities such as arts and crafts, puzzles and board games.
  • Participants are asked to bring their own food and drink in the form of a packed lunch and can eat this at their convenience.
  • Taking positive risks around the pond in a totally safe environment allows participants to grow in confidence around being near the bank of a large body of water. For those participants who use a wheel chair and have not had the chance to get as close to the water, having this opportunity will demonstrate the pleasure that can be derived from being close to the water’s edge.
  • For many participants this will be their first experience of fishing. If they enjoy it they may choose to take the opportunity to invest in the hobby. As they learn more about the past time they may choose to purchase their own tackle rod and reel, this is something that S.A.F.E staff are able to help with in order to get the right equipment at a competitive price.
  • Once participants are at a competent level they may want to try fishing at other venues. S.A.F.E staff can offer advice on other venues that maybe suitable dependent on the participants ability and requirements.