About Us

In 2012 James Perks (Founder) was running a thriving business Tru-Care that provides supported living accommodation for adults with Learning Disability (LD) and additional needs in and around Saxmundham. James was struck by the frequency in closures of local community initiatives for those with LD and additional needs due to lack of funding. For this reason, he decided to start a registered charity dedicated to facilitating those with LD and additional needs. He called the charity Supported Activities For Everyone- S.A.F.E.

Since its conception S.A.F.E has been involved in setting up many groups and fundraising events to fund them. The groups and events that S.A.F.E organises provide those that use them with a venue to socialise, make new friends and discover new hobbies and interests. This web site will guide you through the activities that S.A.F.E has to offer and provide details of times, contacts and any costs involved.

The site will also list up and coming events that S.A.F.E host in order to fundraise for the charity which include band nights, afternoon tea events, special cake boxes and much more.

The charities flagship project – the Pear Tree Cafe was set up to provide employment and work experience for those with LD and additional needs. The Cafe also provides a bridge to the local community, facilitating a venue where workers and customers can get to know each other and share their stories. Since opening the Pear Tree Cafe has become a hub for the local community and has enhanced the lives of all that use it and work there. It also provides a revenue source for the charity. The Cafe also works in tandem with other groups and clubs that S.A.F.E run, such as the S.A.F.E gardening group that supplies fresh produce during the summer months and the Tuesday drop in group that sells its art and crafts through the Cafe.